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Thursday, September 28TH 9:30 am - 1:30 pm

Urban regenerations: Temporary uses for a participatory and inclusive transition

Curated by T-Factor and IMPETUS


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6 cfp will be awarded for architects who attend all scheduled activities at Many Possible Cities on 28/09 from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.



3 international keynote speakers:
__ Paul Citron, Co-founder of Plateau Urbain, President of Surface Plus Utile, Paris
__ Sophie Cottier, Project manager and Urban planner, Perspective Brussels, Brussels
__ Daniel Schnier, Member of ZwischenZeitZentrale, Bremen

PA experiences:
__ Aldo Ianniello, Director of Urban Planning, Tuscany Region
__ Valerio Barberis, Town Planning Councillor, Municipality of Prato
__ Silvia Viviani, Town Planning Councillor, Municipality of Livorno
__ Andrea Benini, Mayor of Follonica

The experiences of the private and social private sector:
__ Elena Bologna, Project manager at MIND - Milano Innovation District
__ Tancredi Attinà, CEO Abitare Toscana
__ Rossana Zaccaria, President Legacoop Abitanti
__ Lorenzo Germak, CEO Paratissima

Moderator: Simone d’Antonio, journalist
Introduction and Conclusions: Simone Gheri, Director of ANCI Toscana and Francesca Mazzocchi, President of LAMA Impresa Sociale

The opening event of the fifth edition of Many Possible Cities will present European, national and regional good practices of policies and cases for just and inclusive urban regeneration. 

How can temporary uses be used to prototype portfolios of long-term strategic actions, useful to accompany the transitions that drive our time, so as not to exclude population groups and reduce, rather than increase, economic, social and digital inequalities? 

We will address the following issues: 

  • Policies and regulations governing temporary uses
  • Urban agencies for the reuse of abandoned or disused spaces
  • Financial instruments to support the adoption of temporary uses in urban regeneration
  • Opportunities offered by the re-use of spaces in Social Housing and Reception
  • Synergies between ESF and ERDF funding for temporary management of buildings within urban regeneration pathways

The European Federation for Living will be present at the conference





Introductions and Conclusions