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Thursday, September 28th 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Urban development between private and public investments


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6 cfp will be awarded for architects who attend all scheduled activities at Many Possible Cities on 28/09 from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.



__ Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence
__ Piero Pelizzaro, Director Officina per la rigenerazione dell’immobile pubblico, Italian Public Property Agency
__ Emiliano Ranati, CFO and Business Development at CDP Real Asset SGR
__ Raffaele Laudani, Town Planning Councillor, Municipality of Bologna 
__ Cristina Balbi, Economic Development and Territorial Councillor, Municipality of Vicenza
__ Mario Abbadessa, Senior Managing Director & Country Head, HINES
__ Frank Uffen, Managing Director of Community & Partnerships, The Social Hub
__ Giovanni Manfredi, Managing Director Aermont Capital LLP and President of Manifattura Tabacchi Development Management
__ Francesco Percassi, President COSTIM Group

Moderator: Paola Pierotti (journalist PPAN)

Representatives from public and private sectors (developers and real estate funds) discuss current changes, shedding light on roles and responsibilities in urban transformation, with reference to economic and social development.

Collaboration between public government, private interventions and emerging forms of social innovation requires a rethinking of relationships, roles and responsibilities in order to deal effectively with collective problems.

What challenges the public sector? How to integrate "specialized" themes ranging from decarbonization to social impact? How to keep bottom up actions together with top down strategies and policies? What input from the private sector? What does it mean today to invest in cities and make a contribution to public city building while making a profit of it? How to value efforts and economies? How to value the many professions and skills that have grown and consolidated in our country in recent years?

With this framework in mind, players from the public and private sectors will bring their experience and explain their views on the subject, with the aim of declining the various "ingredients" for a virtuous public-private partnership, in order to try and design a sort of Italian model that treasures the existing heritage, enhances it with functional combinations that respond to the city demands and that the market can support with new tools, innovative projects and a shared vision.